Attending Hearings

Public hearings generally take place between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm. Times and venues are publicised closer to each hearing.

Applying for authorisation to appear

The Royal Commission has issued Practice Directions to assist parties, witnesses and members of the public.

Financial Assistance

The Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department provides two types of financial assistance:

  • Legal financial assistance: A grant which provides for the reasonable legal costs and disbursements associated with providing testimony to Royal Commissions. Legal financial assistance may be provided when an individual is called, or given leave to appear at a hearing
  • Witness expenses: Payments to assist people called, or given leave to appear, at a hearing of a Royal Commission. Witness expenses include a daily appearance fee and may include payments for travel, food, accommodation and lost income. Witness expenses are an entitlement for all witnesses appearing at a hearing. People attending interviews with the Commission are not eligible to receive witness expenses.

Please visit the Attorney-General's Department website for more information on how to apply for legal financial assistance and witness expenses. Alternatively, you can call the department on 02 6141 4770 or send an email to