2015 Hearing Schedule

Public hearings are held at the Royal Commission on Level 19, 55 Market St Sydney between 10.00am – 4.00pm on the days indicated in the schedule, unless otherwise advised.

Hearing updates are posted online and through the Commission’s @TURoyalComm Twitter account.  


​AWU: Au​stralian Workers' Union
​CEPU: Communications, Electrical, Electronic, Energy, Information, Postal, Plumbing and Allied Services Union of Australia
​CFMEU: ​Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union
​HSU: ​Health Services Union
​TWU: ​Transport Workers' Union

Monthly Schedule

Please note, this schedule may change at short notice.

​November ​Hearing description ​Location
​Wednesday 4–Friday 6 ​National Union of Workers NSW Sydney


October ​Hearing description ​Location
Thursday 1–Friday 2 Public hearing: CFMEU NSW Sydney
Monday 5 Public holiday
Tuesday 6 Public hearing: CFMEU Funds Sydney
Wednesday 7–Thursday 8 Public hearing: CFMEU ACT Sydney
Friday 9 No public hearings  
Monday 12–Friday 23 Public hearing: AWU Sydney
Thursday 29–Friday 30 CFMEU NSW & QLD Sydney


​September ​Hearing description ​Location
Tuesday 1–Friday 4 Public hearing: CFMEU ACT Sydney
Monday 7–Friday 11 No public hearings
Monday 14–Friday 18 Public hearing: CFMEU QLD Brisbane
Monday 21–Friday 25 Public hearing: CFMEU QLD Brisbane


​August ​Hearing description ​Location
Tuesday 4–Friday 7 Public hearing: CFMEU Sydney
Monday 10
Public hearing: CFMEU Sydney
Tuesday 11–Friday 14 No Public hearings Sydney
Monday 17–Friday 21 Public hearing: CFMEU Sydney
Monday 24–Tuesday 25 No Public hearings Sydney
Wednesday 26–Friday 28 Hearings TBC Sydney
Monday 31 Public hearing: CFMEU ACT Sydney


​July ​Hearing description ​Location
Wednesday 8 Public hearing: AWU Sydney
Monday 13–Friday 17 Public hearing: CFMEU Canberra
Monday 20–Friday 24 Public hearing: CFMEU Canberra
Monday 27–Friday 31 Public hearing: CFMEU Canberra


​June ​Hearing description ​Location
Monday 1 ​Public hearing: AWU Sydney
Tuesday 2 Public hearing: AWU Sydney
Wednesday 3 ​Public hearing: AWU Sydney
Thursday 4 Public hearing: AWU Sydney
Friday 5 ​Public hearing: CEPU (ETU NSW) Sydney
​Wednesday 10–Friday 12 ​Public hearing: CFMEU Sydney
​Monday 15 ​Public hearing: CFMEU Sydney
​Thursday 18–Friday 19 ​Public hearing: CFMEU Sydney
​Monday 22–Thursday 25 ​Public hearing: CFMEU Sydney
​Monday 29–Tuesday 30 ​Public hearing: CFMEU Sydney


​May ​Hearing description ​Location
​Monday 4​–Wednesday 6 ​Public hearing: CEPU (ETU NSW) Sydney
​Monday 11​–Wednesday 13 ​Public hearing: TWU WA Sydney
​Tuesday 19 ​Release of Discussion Paper Sydney
​Wednesday 20 ​Private hearing Sydney
​Thursday 21 Private hearing Sydney
​Friday 22 ​Private hearing Sydney
​Thursday 28 Public hearing: AWU Sydney
​Friday 29 Public hearing: AWU Sydney


​April ​Hearing description ​Location
​Thursday 23 ​Preliminary hearing Sydney
​Monday 27​–Thursday 30 ​Public hearing: CEPU (ETU NSW) Sydney