9 July 2015—Public hearing

Australian Workers' Union (AWU)

The Royal Commission held a public hearing on 28-29 May 2015 and 1-4 June and 8-9 July 2015 at Level 19, 55 Market Street in Sydney.

The full transcript of the hearing and documents presented to the Royal Commission will be available soon. The documents have been provided in a PDF format. If you require these documents in a different accessible format please contact legal.tradeunion@turc.gov.au.

Please note that some witnesses provide updates and corrections to their statements during hearings. As such these documents should be read in conjunction with the daily transcript published below to ensure the statement accurately reflects those corrections.



Shorten MFI#9— Thiess John Holland Bundle

Shorten MFI#11— AWU Minutes Bundle

Please note that a supplementary tender of documents was added to Shorten MFI—11 on 27 November 2015. You can access these documents on the Supplementary Evidence page.

Shorten MFI#12— ACI.O-I Bundle

Shorten MFI#13—Chiquita Mushrooms Bundle

Shorten MFI#15—Huntsman Tender Bundle