Media release

13 June 2014

Issues papers to inform Royal Commission

The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption today released a series of issues papers related to its inquiry process.

Under the Terms of Reference, the Commission is investigating a range of matters connected to the governance, financial management and operation of trade unions and associated relevant entities.

Three papers have been released for public comment. Each covers a significant topic relating to the Royal Commission's inquiry. They are:

  1. The duties of trade union officials and governance arrangements for trade unions and their officials: to what extent are they adequate and effective?
  2. Whistle-blowers: what processes exist for whistle-blowers wishing to report problems, and how these operate in practice; how effective and accessible these processes are; and the adequacy of current protections for trade union whistle-blowers.
  3. Practices relating to the funding of trade union elections and the adequacy of their regulation: to what extent are campaign and election processes transparent? Should there be a cap on expenditure?

The papers are available online at and will be sent to a range of organisations and individuals with an interest in the current inquiry.

"Interested parties, including employers, employees, peak bodies and members of trade unions are invited to comment," said Jane Fitzgerald, CEO of the Office of the Royal Commission.

"The Royal Commission urges all interested parties to have their say," Ms Fitzgerald said.

The consultation strategy, including the release of the issues papers, aims to ensure the Royal Commission has access to a range of opinion on policy reform to complement its public hearings process.

In addition to the release of the issues papers, a series of stakeholder forums and meetings will run parallel to the Commission's public hearings.

Submissions should be made by Friday, 11 July 2014, preferably electronically, to or, in writing, to GPO Box 2477, Sydney NSW 2001.