Media Release

17 November 2014

Additional submissions-in-reply published online

Fifteen additional submissions-in-reply have been received by the Commission and are now available online.

They include, or relate to:

  • Cesar Melham
  • TWU
  • Terrence O’Connor
  • Dredging International
  • Building Industry 2000
  • NUW
  • TWU Super
  • Maria Butera
  • Lis-Con
  • Saipem
  • Victorian Government – Various
  • HSU
  • HWU

Under Practice Direction 5:

Any affected person wishing to reply to the submissions of any other affected person must do so by providing them to the Commission by 21 November 2014. Those submissions will also be published on the Commission website as soon as possible after receipt.”

Counsel assisting may make submissions in reply, in which event those submissions will be published on the Commission website on or by 25 November 2014.