Commission calls for discussion on policy reforms

The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption today released a Discussion Paper seeking comment on a number of key potential policy and legislative reforms.

The 116-page document is designed to elicit discussion on a range of areas arising from the Terms of Reference.

The Discussion Paper is open for comment until 21 August. The feedback will help inform the Commissioner’s Final Report, due in December 2015.

Copies of the Discussion Paper will also be sent to unions, employer groups and other interested persons or entities seeking their feedback.

Key areas for discussion include:

  • How unions and union officials are regulated
  • Establishment of a Registered Organisations Commission or single independent regulator
  • Implementation of banning orders for those engaged in egregious or repeated breaches of the law
  • Changes to right of entry permits
  • The use of so-called slush funds
  • The choice of superannuation funds in EBAs; and
  • How Court orders can be enforced at industrial disputes.

The Discussion Paper is available online at and submissions can be made, preferably electronically, to or, in writing, to GPO Box 2477, Sydney NSW 2001.

The Commission is continuing its public hearings into unions. A hearing schedule is available online and updated regularly.