Commission announces its final hearing block

23 October 2015

The Royal Commission presently intends to conclude its public hearings into trade union governance and corruption on Friday, 6 November 2015.

Public hearings will be held in Sydney on Thursday, 29 and Friday, 30 October 2015 to conclude existing CFMEU VIC and CFMEU QLD matters. Witness lists will be published once finalised.

This will be followed by an inquiry into new matters involving the NSW Branch of the National Union of Workers from Wednesday, 4 November to Friday 6 November.

In 2015, Counsel assisting the Commission have released submissions relating to 16 case studies involving the CFMEU as well as other case studies into the ETU NSW, TWU WA and the HSU.

Further submissions will be released over the next few weeks as outstanding matters are completed.

At the conclusion of its two year inquiry, the Commission will have publicly investigated approximately 75 individual case studies under its Terms of Reference, and conducted more than 170 public and private hearings involving almost 500 witnesses in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Melbourne.

Commissioner Dyson Heydon will deliver his final report to the Governor General by 31 December 2015.