Commission to hold hearings into CFMEU funds

30 July 2015

The Royal Commission will commence hearings into CFMEU funds and related entities in Sydney next week.

Three days have been set aside for the proceedings, which will commence on Tuesday, 4 August, at the Commission’s hearing room on Level 19, 55 Market Street, Sydney at 10.00am.

The witness list in alphabetical order is:

  • Dean Hall
  • Jason Jennings
  • Jason O’Mara

The Commission today concluded three weeks of public hearings into the CFMEU ACT Branch in Canberra.

More than 50 witnesses have given evidence into allegations of corrupt payments, industrial intimidation, coercion to sign EBAs and possible price fixing.

CFMEU witnesses are expected to give evidence in relation to the Canberra allegations at a hearing of the Commission in late August or early September.