Third-party Submissions

The Commissioner has received written submissions on various topics from persons who are neither personally affected by the evidence that the Commissioner has received nor noted adversely in Counsel Assisting's submissions and who have not been granted authorisation to appear before the Commissioner ('Third-party Submissions').

The Third-party Submissions published in this section represent the views of their respective authors. Publication on this web-site of Third-party Submissions is not any endorsement by the Commission of the opinions expressed in those submissions and nor does publication constitute any acceptance that the published submissions assist with determining or resolving the real issues. Counsel Assisting may respond to Third-party Submissions in their written submissions in reply.

The Commissioner has determined that not all Third-party Submissions will be published by the Commission on its website, including where:

  • the author has requested confidentiality
  • the submissions clearly do not assist in determining or resolving the real issues
  • the submissions are repetitive of other submissions
  • it is not in the public interest to do so.

The documents have been provided in a PDF format. If you require these documents in a different accessible format please contact